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Waiting on the other side of implementations is the commitment leaders must make to successfully execute the project. As the ink on the contract dries, both businesses are staking immense amounts of resources to carry out a successful implementation, often staking their career on these decisions.
Implementing a new core system is a complex process that involves data integration, customization of workflow, and standardization across the enterprise in order to maximize efficiency. What are you doing to ensure that your next implementation goes smoothly? 
The introduction of new technology can be an overwhelming and challenging task. What is the right approach? How do you make sure your project goes smoothly? Here are some key points to keep in mind for a successful implementation…
The complexity of managing an insurance policy from inception to termination is a large burden on any organization. Managing underwriting, claims, and renewals tasks can be time-consuming and resource intensive for both the client and carrier. Automating these processes with a modern platform designed by experts in industry allows clients to streamline their entire policy lifecycle, increase efficiency, decrease loss ratios, and save money.
As an insurance executive, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand your technology and how your business is structured to deliver value to your customers. For many, they are realizing that their existing core platform is not keeping up with the trends of modern software-as-a-service solutions – which begs the question: What is SaaS? Below is a detailed breakdown of what you need to know the next time your business decides to evaluate a new piece of technology.

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