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Connecting our Clients to their Customers with Digital Transformation.

“Digital transformation” isn’t just a buzz word. It’s a new reality akin to moving from typewriters to computers in the 80’s and implementing the internet and email in the 90’s. With the sudden infiltration of COVID-19 across the globe, companies no longer get to decide when they want to walk down the digital transformation path. This “new normal” was afflicted upon our economy in a matter of weeks, becoming the key to survival to many industries.

“COVID-19 has presented the workers’ compensation industry with unprecedented challenges. Jurisdictional requirements and expectations of carriers are very fluid and demanding. Besides the uninterrupted service we’ve received from Insurium, the most meaningful support has been their accommodation of custom data views which have allowed us to parse our data so that we can design a plan to meet these requirements.”

Brian Tague, VP of Operations, Diamond Insurance Group, Ltd.

The Insurance industry has been criticized for being a step behind when it comes to technological advances that have become status quo for many other verticals, as has the industry’s appetite to adopt such technologies. Thankfully, Insurium has been pushing the Insurtech envelope for years. Insurium’s platform allows clients to leverage Customer Portals, online invoicing and payments, and other critical functions to enable small to mid-sized commercial insurance organizations to support their customers from the safety of their own homes.

Business isn’t slowing for commercial insurance providers during this time- if anything, companies require more support than ever. Being able to seamlessly move from an office-based practice to remote support has been critical to customer care.

Insurium has enabled the digital transformation for commercial insurance programs with the deployment of:

  • Client Portals – Self-service client billing from any internet-enabled location
  • Billing Flexibility – Billing dates and cancellation policies may be modified to accommodate COVID-19 scenarios
  • COVID-19 Claims Codes – COVID-19 related codes have been added to Insurium for tracking and reporting
  • Cloud-based Infrastructure – Insurium was built from the ground up to be cloud-based, removing the IT burden and allowing clients to seamlessly operate from any location
  • Insurium Team – The Insurium team is and has been 100% operational since the onset of the Coronavirus crisis

“Insurium was the last piece of the puzzle to allow us to work remotely,”

Michael Allen, CIO, Virginia Automobile Dealers Association & Executive Manager, VADA Group Self-Insurance Association

This crisis will end. However, “normal” may be forever changed.  Digital transformation is, and will be, imperative to the new way in which we interact with our clients going forward. It’s not too late to make changes to your program to better enable your business to operate in a remote or semi-remote manner.

Insurium is here to help your organization begin or expand upon its digital transformation journey. Contact us at [email protected] or 702.947.7493 for more information.

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